UConn Sign Related groups

  • – A UConn club that promotes language access, including access for Deaf people.
  • – Website of the Sign Linguistics and Language Acquisition Lab, with information about our research on the SLAAASh project, the Bibibi project, and more.
  • – UConn lab studying language acquisition and creation as well as the relationship between language and cognition, as revealed by D/deaf individuals with varying degrees of language input.
  • – A non-profit organization located in Connecticut  that is dedicated to providing educational and vocational opportunities to deaf people in Nicaragua, Central America.
Sign Languages
  •    Website to help you with your receptive skills in fingerspelling.  
  •  This is a very interesting website with a wealth of information about ASL and also, shows how to sign different signs, etc…
Deaf Schools / Groups
  • American School for the Deaf, Hartford, CT
    The American School for the Deaf serves the deaf and hard of hearing community as a multifaceted innovative institution dedicated to the development of intellect and the enhancement of quality of life, producing educated and self-directed citizens.
  • Gallaudet University, Washington, DC
    Gallaudet University leads the world in undergraduate liberal arts education, career development, and outstanding graduate programs for deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing students.
  • Information about educating Deaf children, great webcasts, and lots more.

Deaf News / Culture

  •   This is a great resource for those wanting to know more about what the Deaf culture and community is like.  The videos are short and fun to watch, but they may be difficult for you to understand at first.  Just keep watching and see if you can’t decipher more signs as class progresses. The participants on these videos come from all different backgrounds and regions, so you may also notice some different signing styles in some videos (ASL / PSE / SEE).
  • This site, like deafnewspaper, contains videos about Deaf culture/ community but tends to focus on more serious issues. This may be tough for you to understand at first, but you will find more ASL here than at deafnewspaper. This is an excellent site, however, and as your signing and receptive skills improve the content and information on this site is excellent knowledge to have.
  • This site will help you navigate among the many ‘Deaf blogs’ posted on the web. If you look on the main page you will find lists of different blogs written  by Deaf people on issues that affect the community. Most of these blogs are written, but you may also find some ‘Vlogs’ which are videotaped and use sign language.
  • Deaf news and deaf blogs from the UK! Lays eggs every weekday.
  •  This is a huge website with lots of different resources you can look up with respect to Deaf culture, community, and sign languages.