ASL IBM Program

Neag School of Education offers an ASL Integrated Bachelor/Masters (IB/M) degree program in American Sign Language Education.  This rigorous five-year IB/M program begins with students completing at least two years of general education courses including the first four levels of ASL courses prior to admission to the Neag School of Education.  Once admitted to the IB/M program, students generally complete two years of subject area major studies and professional education in teacher education leading to a Bachelor’s degree in education. The fifth-year consists of graduate-level professional education courses leading to a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction or Educational Psychology. Completion of all program requirements results in the recommendation for certification as a teacher of ASL in the State of Connecticut.

Students with prior knowledge and experience with ASL are assessed by the ASL Studies Program to determine the appropriate placement into one of six levels of ASL courses.  Native signers, Deaf, and hard of hearing applicants are encouraged to apply.

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