Diane Lillo-Martin, PhD

Diane Lillo-Martin's Webpage

I am a faculty member in Linguistics and I conduct research on the structure and acquisition of ASL. I teach two courses in the ASL program. Students who are interested in research concerning ASL and deaf children often serve as research assistants in the Sign Linguistics and Language Acquisition Lab, which I direct.

Linda Pelletier, PhD

I am a faculty member and instructor of the sign language interpreting courses and coordinator of the ASL program. I have been nationally certified as a sign language interpreter from both the Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf and the National Association for the Deaf for more than 25 years. I am a CODA, daughter of Deaf parents and a heritage signer of American Sign Language. I serve as the major advisor for the ASL/Deaf Studies program including advising students who wish to pursue a minor in interpreting ASL and English or Deaf studies.  Recently, in fall of 2020, our program introduced a new major, ASL Studies.  The major offers two concentrations, Deaf studies or interpreting.  If you have questions or are interested in learning more about the program, please email me at

Chantal Bergeron

Hello, my name is Chantal Bergeron.  I am an ASL faculty member here at UConn. Since 2017, I have been passionate about teaching ASL and have recently graduated from Gallaudet University with a masters degree in Sign Language Education.  I was born deaf and was educated at a school for the Deaf.  I very much enjoy teaching and am excited to see the growing number of people who are not Deaf interested in learning American Sign Language.  When I'm not teaching ASL, I enjoy cooking, baking and am especially fond of dogs.  I hope to see you in my classes.

Mike Schlang

Hello!  My name is Mike Schlang and I am a faculty member in the ASL program teaching ASL courses at UConn.  I had my first start in ASL instruction in 2006 and have been teaching ASL ever since.  I grew up in a Deaf family as my parents and my sister are all Deaf.  Aside from being busy with my ASL courses, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife and two boys.  I also am an avid sports fan and I support all Boston sports teams with a real passion!  

Jessica Tanner

Hello, my name is Jessica Tanner.  Im one of the ASL professors here at UConn.  Go UConn!!  Over the past ten years, I have taught a variety of courses here at UConn as well as at various other colleges and universities.  Currently, I teach primarily ASL level one and five with the possibility of teaching additional or new courses in the future. I was born Deaf and spend my time in both the Deaf community and among people who are not deaf. If you are unsure about learning ASL, I highly encourage you to give it a try and enroll in class. I hope to see you in my classes.