Doreen Simons

I am a full time Deaf faculty member and instructor of courses in American Sign Language and Deaf studies.  I also oversee interdisciplinary courses in conjunction with other departments such as, Sociolinguistics and the Deaf Community, Deaf Women Studies, and ASL Literature. I also work part time as a research assistant analyzing the language use of infants and children and sometimes the language use of adults. I also assist and support graduate students in the linguistics department with feedback or judgments with their research on ASL. We also have an ASL Club open to students who want to learn more about ASL and Deaf studies or to participate in various events throughout the year.

Sherry Powell

I am a full time Deaf faculty member and instructor for the American Sign Language courses, levels one through six.  I have a Masters Degree in Teaching ASL as a Second Language from Columbia University Teachers College in New York City. My degree has led me here, teaching ASL courses at the University of Connecticut. I teach various levels in ASL, which follows a three year sequence with courses beginning with ASL 1101 through our most recent addition, ASL 5. Our goal is to expand the program by including a variety of new courses. If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Linguistics. Thank you.

Joan Hanna

I am a Deaf faculty member and instructor for the American Sign Language courses, levels one through four and I have previously taught American Sign Language classes at the UConn Waterbury campus.  Join us for the fun and excitement of learning American Sign Language.

 Linda Pelletier

I am a faculty member and instructor of the sign language interpreting courses. I have been nationally certified as a sign language interpreter from both the Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf and the National Association for the Deaf for more than 20 years. I assist with coordinating the ASL program as well as students who wish to pursue a minor in interpreting ASL and English.

Diane Lillo-Martin

I am a faculty member in Linguistics and I coordinate the ASL program. I am also the advisor for students pursuing an ASL minor, as well as for many of the students with an Individualized  Major including ASL. My office is in Oak 352. Find out more about me here:

Pedro Pascual-Villanueva

I’m an adjunct faculty member and instructor for ASL and Deaf Studies courses. Previously, I have participated in research projects at the University of Toulouse II (France) and UConn. I also have been involved in sign language instruction and deaf education for most of my professional life in Spain, France and in the USA. I always strive to make my classes enjoyable and stimulating. Come to fulfill your world language graduation requirements by learning ASL and you will be welcome to an alluring culture. Let’s get started, shall we?